2 part iphone case

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2 part iphone case

Consumers can now top off their Google Play credits with a handful of denominations without leaving their browsers. Google has added a feature that lets Google Play users top off their credit by simply visiting the Web version of the storefront. The move comes on the heels of the recent introduction of physical gift cards in various retail stores. Scrolling to the bottom of the Google Play store, you can now click on a link that allows for credit refills in various denominations. It's possible to purchase credit in increments of $5, $10, $15, $25, and $50.

The prepaid wireless carrier said today that 2 part iphone case it was bringing 4G to Las Vegas, marking only the second city to get the faster network, The company rolled out its first market, Tucson, Ariz., last December, At a time when its larger rivals and even fellow prepaid providers have quickly rolled out 4G services, Leap has taken a more deliberate pace, The company, which markets its service under the Cricket brand, expects to launch LTE in additional markets this year, and expects it will be able to cover two-thirds of its territory over the next two to three years..

Leap said more than 80 percent of Las Vegas will be covered by the network. The company offers a 4G LTE modem, the Huawei Boltz, which costs $149.99. Data plans cost between $35 and $80 a month, with the plans varied based on speed. Leap leap finds itself with fewer options after T-Mobile USA agreed to merge with MetroPCS and Sprint Nextel agreed to be taken over by Japan wireless carrier SoftBank. Leap, which has had a spotty record of customer growth over the last few years, has long been seen as an acquisition target.

The company faces intense competition in the prepaid business, with Tracfone and Wal-Mart's Straight Talk service from the low end and T-Mobile, Boost Mobile, and Virgin Mobile above it, Leap has attempted to set itself apart through its Muve streaming music service, It was also slow to catch up in the smartphone game, but has more recently 2 part iphone case made headway in that area, Similar to smartphones, Leap is trying to play catch up with 4G LTE, Cricket continues its slow roll-out of 4G LTE -- Las Vegas is only its second city after Tucson, Ariz..

Color made a splash last year as a location-based photo-sharing app for iOS and Android. In its first iteration, the app would allow users to see photos taken by other Color users in close proximity. The idea was highly touted by investors, who dumped $41 million into the project before its launch. The app also earned some hype because it was developed by Bill Nguyen, founder of streaming-music service Lala, which was bought out -- and quickly shuttered -- by Apple. However, Color was unable to attract a broad audience, forcing the company to reinvent the app last September as a social-sharing tool for Facebook users that essentially allowed them to view friends' photos. The app also added a "Visit" function that would let a user request real-time viewing of wherever the friend was. If the feature was activated, a live broadcast would be sent back to the requester.