ballet flats on amazon

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ballet flats on amazon

• • • • •. DIY Art–Festive Family Fun. San Jose Museum of Art, 110 S. Market St., San Jose. Drop in and learn the art of foil embossing that can be used to create metallic card and envelope decor. All ages. 1-3 p.m. $5-$10. 408.291.5374. • • • • •. Flamenco Society of San Jose, “Christmas Flamenco Juerga,” Historic Hoover Theater, 1635 Park Ave. Get in the holiday spirit–flamenco style. Enjoy arrangements of dance, song and dozens of guitars. 7 p.m. $15-$25.

Buckley has helped tell stories as a guest star on many TV shows, She’s doing several episodes of the new “Supergirl” series, She is fondly remembered as the stepmom on the hit 1970s series “Eight is Enough.” The producers had pitched that character to her as a hip, traveling ballet flats on amazon teacher working on her doctorate, “Then they just kind of stuck me in a muumuu and put me in the kitchen,” Buckley said, “Their mentality about American women at that point was very archaic, out of the ’50s..

The wild version is bright red, but garden varieties have been selected to give a range of colors, including white, pink, rose, peach and lavender. Whatever the color, I think of the Flanders poppies every time I sow the tiny seeds of Papaver rhoeas. For a field weed, they can be maddeningly fickle. I like to sow them in November, sprinkled like fairy dust on the soil, or even on a gravel mulch. I scratch up the ground a little. In some years the seedlings appear soon after sowing and in other years in the spring. Whenever they emerge, they bloom in my garden in May in a race against the gathering heat and humidity.

Diablo Ballet: Contemporary dance company sjDANCEco unites with Diablo Ballet for a program that emphasizes choreography by younger members of the troupe, Feb, 13-14, 7 p.m, San Jose State University Concert Hall, 260 S, Seventh St., San Jose, $15-$25, 408-520-9854, Venus in Fur: Real life and scripted action become blurred in this work about a playwright-director and the final actress he auditions for his play, Through March 1, times vary, San Jose Stage Company, 490 S, ballet flats on amazon First St., San Jose, $30-$60, 408-283-7142,

Watching over it all is Abuela Claudia (a benevolent Anita Colotto with a knockout voice), considered a grandmother to everybody on the block, and with a special bond with Usnavi. Director and choreographer Christina Lazo gives the show an animated staging with a terrific cast. Miranda’s dynamic score is brought to life beautifully by the cast and band under the musical direction of Sierra Dee, despite occasional glitches with the microphones and sound levels. As touching as some of the story threads are, what really comes through in this show is a love for this community of little money and big dreams. People in Washington Heights always seem to be dreaming of moving on to bigger and better places, but ultimately “In the Heights” is about appreciating the vibrancy and warmth of a beloved old neighborhood where everybody seems to be like one big family.