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ballet shoes

Scarlett’s world, however, is weighed down by the apocalyptic decor, and trapped in a welter of sexy but conventional Bob Fosse-meets-Jerome Robbins-meets George Balanchine motifs. Unlike Adams, whose score references Terry Riley, Leonard Bernstein and the Art Ensemble of Chicago with lush yet minimalist grandeur, Scarlett’s dance is no such new hybrid. The work’s gender-neutral costumes and absence of pointe shoes are no substitutes for radical invention. Only when Scarlett throws out the développés and Elvis-style hip gyrations to give us blocks of bodies on the prowl or has a stationary dancer move only her arms does “Fearful Symmetries” move into fresh metaphorical territory.

Diablo Ballet’s 20th season begins Nov, 9 at the Smith Center at Ohlone College in Fremont with the Diablo Ballet premiere of “Our Waltzes” by renowned choreographer Vicente Nebrada of Ballet Nacional de Caracas, For more information, go to, More than 30 artists — from the Bay Area, Southern California and beyond, including Australia — will be showing pieces, The formal ballet shoes grand opening reception will be Thursday, Dec, 5 from 6 to 8 p.m, at the gallery..

—–. In eight seasons, a magician had never captured the “America’s Got Talent” crown. On Wednesday night — abracadabra! — Matt Franco made that bit of ignominy disappear. The amiable Rhode Island illusionist who dazzled audiences all summer with his intricate, interactive presentations, was declared the Season 9 winner of NBC’s popular reality series, finishing in front of singer-songwriter Emily West. His reaction? “Un-freakin-believable!”.

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Middle childhood also is the age when social comparison takes root. Toddlers are the center of their own world, with attributes painted in broad strokes: They are fastest, the smartest, the strongest. The transition into grade school brings a cognitive advance that allows for perspective: Joey realizes he isn’t as fast as David; Emily discovers she’s smarter than Nicole but not as smart as Caitlyn. Confidence, or lack thereof, is sure to follow. “They begin to compare their ideal self to their actual self,” says Emily Slusser, who has a doctorate in psychology and teaches at San Jose State. “That can lead to good self-esteem and hard work, or to a feeling of helplessness.”.