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iphone case trendy

Thanks, Jennifer. Dear Jennifer. The short answer to your question is that there isn't much you can do right now to get a discount on a new iPhone 5. But when it comes to the service, there is some good news. Adding a new iPhone 5 to Verizon's family share plan might not be as bad as you think. But you may want to consider some other alternatives as well. Below I've outlined as many options as I can think of to help you make an informed decision. The device You've got a couple of options. You can get the subsidized $200 price on the iPhone 5 for any new line you start as part of your service. This means that if your daughter doesn't have a phone already and you add a new line to a family plan, you can get the discounted price for the iPhone 5. If she already has a phone and is not yet ready for an upgrade, then you would have to buy the iPhone 5 from Verizon at full price, which is $650.

The other option is to sign up for a new line, get the subsidized phone, and keep her old line until it expires, After it expires, you can cancel service on that line, This would mean that your family would temporarily have three lines: yours, your daughter's and a third non-smartphone line, The third phone line can be used for someone else in the family or you can cancel it once the contract on that phone expires, If you plan to take the subsidy so you save $450 on the new iPhone 5, and you later plan to cancel the old line, it's only worth doing so if the contract iphone case trendy expires in the next 15 months, Otherwise, you won't save yourself any money since carrying the additional line until you can cancel is another $30 a month under Verizon's family share plan..

Unfortunately, if you have to pay for a new iPhone 5 at full price without a subsidy, there aren't any good deals right now. It's still too soon in the sales cycle to get a used iPhone 5 at a discount. But if you wait until after the holidays, there is a chance the price could drop about $50. The prepaid carrier Cricket is offering the iPhone 5 without a contract for $499. The other option is to get your daughter an iPhone 4S. It's last year's model and sells brand new for $549 or $150 less than the iPhone 5 at full price. And you may be able to find a used one for even less. I don't generally recommend doing this, but a $150 saved is a $150 earned. So you may want to consider it.

Service plans As for getting a deal on the plans, you've essentially got two options, You can give up your existing plan on Verizon and convert to a family Share Plan on Verizon, The other option is to keep your existing plan for your phone, and you can sign up your daughter for an iPhone plan on a different carrier, AT&T and Sprint also offer the iPhone 5, Getting a new contract with AT&T or Sprint means you get the subsidized price, So you could get a new contract for her on one of these providers and pay only $200 for the device, But going this route would likely cost you more money on the service, Assuming you keep your iPhone service on Verizon, you could get AT&T's least expensive individual plan, which is $90 a month before taxes and fees, Sprint's least expensive plan is $80 a month before taxes and fees, Adding this to your existing $108 a month bill means you'd be iphone case trendy paying about $190 to $200 a month for service for the both of you..

But don't fret yet, there are less expensive options. If you live in an area with service via a regional carrier, you might be able to get a good deal there. Some providers, like C Spire, are selling the iPhone 5 with a two year contract for $150, which is a $50 discount over other carriers like Verizon. You can also get service for about $60 a month, which includes, talk, text and data service. There may also be some prepaid operators in your area offering the iPhone 5. For example, Cricket Wireless, owned by Leap Wireless, sells the iPhone 5. T-Mobile is another option. It doesn't sell the iPhone, but because it's a GSM carrier, an unlocked GSM version of an iPhone can work on its network. Going this route, means that you'd be paying full retail for the iPhone 5.